Move8 VR Walk-a-Hunt

Ready to Walk-a-Hunt?

We have launched two Move VR Walk-a-Hunt editions; Bukit Bintang and Sydney.

VR360 Sydney Haymarket Edition

A VR360 Experience in-person or virtually from anywhere in the world with a device and internet connection. Remember, this is NOT a race and there are NO winners. Claim your Virtual Goodie Bags when you have completed the Walk-a-Hunt. They are in the Host Cities page.


How to play

  • You need two videos:
    1. The Move8 VR360 Walk-a-Hunt @Sydney Haymarket Chinatown [HD] video below. Tip* Use 2x speed if you’d like to speed through it.
    2. The Clues & Missions Video given at each Checkpoint. Once you are ready to walk in-person or virtually, watch the Clues & Missions video. Pause anytime during the video, giving yourself time to complete each Checkpoint at your own time. No rush.



Thanks for playing the Sydney Haymarket edition. Read on if you want more!

VR360 Bukit Bintang Edition

Launched on September 24.

Move8 VR360 Video

Clues & Missions Video


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