Purpose Partners

We are purpose-led. All profits from the Sports Fitness Festival are channelled back to community programs organised by these selected purpose partners. This makes the festival sustainable while fulfilling a “Fit for Good” intent wherever we are in the world. What use is it if we are fit, yet we cannot be useful to another human being? 

All Together Now (www.alltogethernow.org.au) is a Harm Prevention charity acknowledging that racism is a form of abuse, so it imagines and delivers innovative and evidence-based projects that promote racial equity.

Port Karate’s Karate Kids on the Spectrum (www.portkarate.com), Kyokushin Karate classes that help children and adults with Autism or ADHD to break down boundaries.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital (https://koalahospital.org.au/) is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility that has been helping rescue and rehabilitate koalas since 1973. The facility is run by Koala Conservation Australia Limited, a not-for-profit organisation that includes approximately 200 volunteers dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating koalas and conserving and restoring their natural habitats.

The Malaysian Blind Sports Association (https://www.facebook.com/MalaysianBlindSports) rehabilitates the blind and sight-impaired through sports.

The Mental Wheels Foundation, through its The Situp Challenge (raisely.com) wants to improve the mental and physical state of a person and make a difference for those in need within the community. It’s time to sit up as the issue of suicide won’t lay down. Commit to doing 66 sit-ups over a span of 21 days and contribute to the fundraiser. 

Malaysia Federation of the Deaf is a Partner

The Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (www.mymfdeaf.org) is a national organisation administrated by the Deaf that advocate the rights and needs of Deaf and providing services throughout Malaysia. They provide BIM sign language services to the festival. 

MoOne Drama aims to reignite the passion for learning, to share the nostalgia of being engrossed in literature, to be continually inspired and to discover the potential within each of us through drama and the arts. MoOne Drama is a school for you to find a sense of belonging, to immerse yourself in exploring drama and the arts at your own pace of learning. You will find holistic classes that cover drama, film studies, scriptwriting, speech and many more – join us for a wholesome experience of the drama and arts world! Visit www.moonedrama.com for more.

Every girl deserves an education. It’s her right. But millions of girls are denied equal access just because they are girls. 💔 Every day, girls face barriers caused by poverty, child marriage, gender-based violence, and other forms of discrimination. But there’s HOPE. When you sponsor a girl, you give her the chance to complete her education and reach her fullest potential, just as she deserves. Let’s fight for her rights today, ignite hope for her tomorrow! Learn more: https://bit.ly/Sponsor_1000Girls
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