Imagine a world where sports and fitness are accessible to ALL.

Celebrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
in Sport & Fitness

A Fitness Today (AFT) presents the International Sports & Fitness Festival to celebrate and empower culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities including First Nations and Torres Straits Islander peoples and other indigenous communities of the Asia Pacific, persons with disabilities, people who are neurodiverse, women and youth with sports and fitness access and inclusion. Our goal is to make health and fitness accessible and equitable to ALL layers of society, leaving no one behind.

Our hashtags: #SpoFiFe #DiversityByInclusion #SportEquity #SportInclusion #SportVolunteerism

Poster visual description: The poster is a bright and colorful design, with the main colors being blue, green, and yellow. The background of the poster features a group of people walking; parents and their kid in front; behind them, a woman wearing a hijab and a man with a walking stick; next to them, a man wearing virtual reality goggles. The people are all smiling and laughing, and they seem to be enjoying themselves. The text on the poster is in a variety of fonts and sizes, it includes the following information: The name of the festival: AFT International Sports Fitness Festival. The main event of the festival: Move8 Fit for Good VR Walk. The dates and locations of the festival:
4-5 November 2023 at Port Macquarie, Birpai Land,
30 September 2023 at Sydney Haymarket, Gadigal Land,
24 September 2023 at Kuala Lumpur.

The hashtags: #SpoFiFe #DiversityByInclusion #SportsEquity
The website:

The festival is live-streamed via the YouTube channel @AFT-TV, with the availability of sign language BIM and AUSLAN and captions. Entry is free, with a call to action to scan the QR code to register and get a virtual show bag. Alternately, visit the website at to register. The overall impression of the poster is that it is a fun and exciting event that is open to everyone. The use of virtual reality is a unique and creative way to enhance accessibility to the festival, and the bright colors and positive images make the poster inviting and appealing.

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