Eat for Good Secret Supper

Eight random folks coming together to dine for a good cause.

No secret sauce, just a cause that fights for racial equity and racial harmony.

Eat for Good purpose partner, All Together Now works with government, schools and community with programs that aim at preventing systemic racial abuse.

Backstory: The Move8 Method offers eight Pillars of Wellness as a guide to living a healthy life and to use Fitness for Good. Pillar 4 of the ‘Move8 Method’ prescribes ‘Food is Life’, Food nourishes us, but it can also poison us. Understanding and knowing how your body reacts to the types of foods you eat can improve your well-being. Read labels, research and know what you eat. In brief, when we choose whole foods, we usually are already on the right path. But isn’t it fascinating how food directly affects our well-being? In ancient Indian Ayurvedic practice and Chinese Herbal Medicine – science has proven that certain foodstuffs with medicinal properties have been used successfully as remedy.

Event date: Saturday – February 3, 2024

Venue Reveal: 24-hours before

Time: 7:00pm

Cost: A$66 per person includes a delicious meal and one non-alcoholic drink.

RSVP by January 30, 2024

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